To create Jean/Jan, France and Holland come together. The simple tasteful Dutch dishes with the refined flavours of the French. Infusing it with a layer of Asia, and to be more precise Japan. Putting all our passion to transform our products into savorous dishes that bring people together. This is the common ground we want to push further. France + Nederland + Japan = Jean/Jan.

France and Holland have a strong tradition of woodworking, and especially for furniture. By creating an unique platform, we want to make our Japanese customers meet the French and Dutch makers. This will make us the first restaurant with a double menu. Naturally, you will first choose the dishes that our chef will prepare for you to please your tastebuds. But once you placed your order, while seating comfortably at your table, you will have the chance to take a look through our second menu. This one is dedicated to the furniture that's in the restaurant. If you're interested by a piece, you will be able to order of course online, on our beautiful website, but also directly in the restaurant. It's really important for us to give an opportunity to the furniture makers. Furniture just like great food is a creation that takes thought and time to enjoy.


Companies and restaurants like to refer to organic and healthy food. For us, the most important thing is to refer to quality. We have the need to always choose the best products as a working base, so we're able to bring high quality to every dishes we prepare. This requires the use of organic products, we also decided to use only plant based ingredients. No animal products. But we still choose to honour the tradition of our countries in our cuisine. To do it properly, we had to find new methods to bring our product steps further, and use flavours that go beyond your usual taste palette. Jean/Jan = Flavor